If you’ve submitted a tender proposal and have found it has been rejected, there are a number of reasons why.

Or, perhaps you’re thinking of submitting a proposal but want to make sure it is successful? Here are a few reasons why tender proposals are rejected and how to fix these issues.


One of the biggest reasons Government bodies and private organisations seek tender proposals for a project is to get the best value for their money. Therefore, one of the top reasons why tender proposals are rejected is because the price doesn’t offer as much value for money than a competitor. While the lowest price doesn’t mean it will be successful, you will need to consider offering the best value.

Missing Information

It is important to read the tender document thoroughly to ensure you provide all the information that is required. A good method is to create a list of details, information and supporting documents that are required as you read through the tender. Then, tick off the requirements after completing your proposal.

Your Proposal Is Unclear

A proposal that is hard to follow and understand, as well as being poorly designed can impact your chance for success. As well as being unclear, it can also make your organisation appear less professional than your competitors. To ensure your proposal is well written and to truly win over the competition, enhance your tender with a beautifully designed proposal.


If you’re looking to step-up your tender proposal game, contact the friendly team at Design Arena. We can ensure your tender proposal design is individually tailored to make sure you stand out from the crowd.