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Bringing back the Power to PowerPoint


Bringing back the Power to PowerPoint

Too often PowerPoint receives bashing and public shaming, at times even being labeled as ‘making us stupid’. Some cry out that PowerPoint should be banned and that the people who it is delivered to are put in a dangerous position of being mentally numbed. But dynamic creative presentations can give PowerPoint the power!

Good tradespeople don’t blame their tools

The issue here is not the tool - the program PowerPoint itself does not make us stupid. It is the people who are using the program poorly. PowerPoint when used correctly, creatively and innovatively goes beyond simple bullet points and can bring your key messages to life, not death.

Where the issue lies

If you want your bathroom tiled, do you hire a Ballerina to tile your bathroom and then complain about the poor tiling job? Or do you get a professional tiler who specialises in tiling? Many companies are using available resources who don’t have the PowerPoint expertise. Some opt for engaging big expensive agencies that don’t have the PowerPoint knowledge or the user experience to design their PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint not PowerPointless

There are some simple unwritten rules for PowerPoint that unfortunately too many people are unaware of. All presenters MUST face their audience: good presenters actually present and never turn their backs, this is commonly known as ‘PowerPointLESS’. It is critical that the presentations are made for the audience and not for yourself. People read the text that they see on the slides that you present. Less is more: make sure they are listening to your key points and not reading ahead ignoring the presenter. Visuals need to support your script, not match it.

How Design Arena can Help?

Trust that a presentation designed and created by Design Arena is never ‘PowerPointLESS’. We are that special breed of creatives who live and breathe in the corporate world. We bring beautiful design to your brand, have an incredible eye for detail and understand your deadlines. We have a client list that includes Lexus, Subaru, Jack Daniels, NSW Mining, NSW Health, KFC and Ogilvy.

“There’s a very rare breed in this industry and that’s a highly talented designer who’s work is of the highest calibre, always considers nothing too much of a problem, and is an absolute delight to work with. Angelica is one such designer.
A true professional, she’s quick, efficient and has a keen eye for every small detail. We particularly loved how she could work in Powerpoint and leave us with highly-designed, editable presentations that we can use again and again. (Who knew Powerpoint could look so, un-powerpoint?!) We’d love to work with her again.”

Executive Business Director

Ogilvy Sydney

If you are looking for dynamic creative presentations with beautiful pizazz and you want to stand out from the rest, contact Design Arena.

(We don’t need to blame our tools). 

Angelica Butler
Creative Director