How To Choose A Presentation Designer

If you’ve started to work on a presentation, but your skills just aren’t cutting it, you may think it’s time to bring in the experts. If you’re thinking about choosing a presentation designer to help with your next PowerPoint or Keynote design, there are a few things to consider to ensure you choose the best team for your needs.

Look at their portfolio

Like many creative industries, it’s always a good idea to have a look at your designers’ portfolio. This will give you a great chance to see what they’re capable of and how well they have achieved the look and feel for previous clients. Not all businesses are the same, so if your designer is able to capture the essence of each business uniquely, you know they’re a great fit for you.

Choose a designer with outstanding skills

When you look at their portfolio, take a good look at their design skills. If their slides and presentations are messy, hard to read or simply just don’t appeal to you, then they may not be the best choice. You want a presentation that both looks good and is able to get your message across well.

Ask about their turnaround time.

When you're looking for a presentation designer, chances are you're going to be on a tight schedule. It's important to choose a designer that's going to be able to adhere to your time frame in order for your presentation to be ready in time. Ask your presentation designer how long it will take for them to get your presentation ready.

When you're in need of a presentation designer to help with PowerPoint slides or a Keynote presentation, get in touch with Design Arena in Sydney today. We can offer you a free quote for our services and provide your business with the powerful presentation you need.


How To Nail Your Next Business Pitch


How To Nail Your Next Business Pitch

Whether you have a story to tell or you really want to try and pitch a new idea to potential investors, you need to get your point across as accurately and as professionally as possible. When it comes to nailing your next pitch, there are a few things to consider to really make sure that you give yourself the best chance of success as possible.

Prepare and practice

If you think you can go into a room with investors or managers and “wing” your presentation, chances are you're not going to be very successful. Planning is the key to success and without it, you are not giving yourself the best chance. Understanding how you want to achieve your goals, practicing your presentation and preparing yourself for any questions that may come up during your presentation is imperative.

Keep it simple

You may have a lot of ideas and some good points to make, however, you don't want to spend hours trying to get your point across. When it comes to a successful pitch, the old ‘KISS’ rule is a good reminder of not to get too carried away. You want to keep it short, sweet and simple. Don't rush your presentation and try to stick to the key points.

Step it up with PowerPoint

Keep your audience engaged during your pitch with a well-designed PowerPoint presentation. Whether it's for an investor or for internal needs, a quality PowerPoint presentation will keep your audience engaged throughout your speech. Make sure your PowerPoint presentation is well-designed and complements your pitch.

Solve a problem

If you can demonstrate how your idea or service can be a unique way to address people's needs, chances are your audience is going to be very interested in what you have to say. Investors are always looking for a new way to become a clear market leader, so if you can provide bulletproof statistics, your pitch can be very persuasive.

For more information on presentation designers, contact the team at Design Arena. We can help your business or corporation in Sydney or Melbourne to design highly professional PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.


How To Avoid Stress Before Your Next Presentation


How To Avoid Stress Before Your Next Presentation

One fear that many people have is the fear and anxiety surrounding presentations. It is entirely normal and natural to feel nervous before you make a big presentation, especially when you really care about the impact of your presentation.

Fear no more, this isn’t a sign of weakness. By gathering yourself and utilising a few simple tips, you can ensure your next presentation goes smoothly.

Perform deep breathing

When your body is filled with adrenaline, your breathing becomes shallow, making it easier for your body to hyperventilate. By deliberately slowing down your breathing and focusing on the breaths you take, you start to give your brain enough oxygen and slow your body down to believe you are actually calm.

Practice, practice, practice

The old saying “practice makes perfect” rings true. When you have an important presentation, don’t trick yourself into thinking you can get up in front of your colleagues and “wing it”. Practicing ensures your speech is well-thought, has all of the relevant information and helps you to stop any nerves from creeping up on you.

Powerful, professional presentations

While you and your body might be ready to take on the world, it’s important to ensure your presentation slides, Keynote or PowerPoint slides are top quality. Help your audience stay compelled with impressive, eye catching and well-designed slides. Not only will they be more interested in what you have to say, it helps with the overall professionalism of the presentation.

With practice and a professional approach, you’ll be able to nail your next presentation easily. To save time and stress with your presentation slides, utilising the services of a professional designer can work wonders.

If you’re looking for PowerPoint or Keynote presentation designers, Design Arena are here to help. See some of our examples here or contact us today to discuss your needs.


PowerPoint – Yes It Is Still Relevant


PowerPoint – Yes It Is Still Relevant

There are people in various circles who have the belief that PowerPoint is now useless. After all these years in use, some have deemed PowerPoint to be dead, boring and no longer used by professionals.

Think again.

As previously shared, PowerPoint has sometimes been labelled negatively in the past. The truth is, when used creatively and dynamically, PowerPoint can only then show its full potential.

Add visual impact

What many people forget is that images can give more information than words ever can. Make a true impact on your audience by using powerful images, graphics and videos to really lift your presentation.

Completely customisable

PowerPoint is flexible and used by all types of businesses and industries. Slides can be customised to your unique needs, making it a clever method to communicate your specific ideas to your audience.

Vast functionality

Unlike some of PowerPoint's’ competitors, it still remains one of the most feature-rich programs available on the market. Because of this, there’s more opportunity to keep your audience engaged and capture their imagination.

Don’t blame the software

If you fell asleep during a PowerPoint presentation, chances are the problem wasn’t with the software. No matter how you look at it, PowerPoint is a specialised communication tool. When used incorrectly, the message can get lost and people will lose interest. With expert design and strategy, PowerPoint can, in fact, be one of the best methods to utilise for your next presentation.

If you’re in need of assistance with your PowerPoint presentation, contact the design experts at Design Arena. We will work with you to understand what you wish to achieve and provide you with a dynamic presentation that will truly impress.

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What is the best way to give a PowerPoint presentation?


What is the best way to give a PowerPoint presentation?

Boring PPT Blog Image.jpg

This is one question we often get asked. Many people who are giving a PowerPoint presentation want to make a good impression. They want to know that they’re giving their presentation the best chance possible. After all, no-one wants to hear gentle snores as they’re giving a presentation. Here are some of our top tips for making your PowerPoint presentation work well for you.

  • Keep it Simple
    One of the most common problems our presenters have is representing their ideas in the most visually appealing way.  A lot of presenters find comfort in all of their script being on the slides, but this is now what engages the audience.  Keep your script interesting and compliment it with the visuals and your audience will be on the edge of their seats.    

  • Balance images and text
    Less is often more with your PowerPoint slides. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Ensure your pictures are of high-quality and the text is large enough to read from a distance.

  • Use simple fonts
    Although fancy fonts might look nice, they’re going to be hard to read and can create compatibility issues across platforms. Use fonts that are clear and easy to read, ideally associated with your brand.

  • Ask for help
    When you want to give your presentation the best chance of success, get help from a PowerPoint designer. Their knowledge of design can ensure your slides are well-designed, simple and professional. It can also save you a lot of stress and time.  

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Reasons Why Your Tender Proposal Has Been Rejected


Reasons Why Your Tender Proposal Has Been Rejected


If you’ve submitted a tender proposal and have found it has been rejected, there are a number of reasons why.

Or, perhaps you’re thinking of submitting a proposal but want to make sure it is successful? Here are a few reasons why tender proposals are rejected and how to fix these issues.


One of the biggest reasons Government bodies and private organisations seek tender proposals for a project is to get the best value for their money. Therefore, one of the top reasons why tender proposals are rejected is because the price doesn’t offer as much value for money than a competitor. While the lowest price doesn’t mean it will be successful, you will need to consider offering the best value.

Missing Information

It is important to read the tender document thoroughly to ensure you provide all the information that is required. A good method is to create a list of details, information and supporting documents that are required as you read through the tender. Then, tick off the requirements after completing your proposal.

Your Proposal Is Unclear

A proposal that is hard to follow and understand, as well as being poorly designed can impact your chance for success. As well as being unclear, it can also make your organisation appear less professional than your competitors. To ensure your proposal is well written and to truly win over the competition, enhance your tender with a beautifully designed proposal.


If you’re looking to step-up your tender proposal game, contact the friendly team at Design Arena. We can ensure your tender proposal design is individually tailored to make sure you stand out from the crowd.



Why choose annual report designers in Sydney for 2018

Vanessa's blog image.jpg

When it comes to annual report time, many people experience the sinking feeling of “that time of the year AGAIN?”.

One way to navigate through the process of designing a great annual report is to choose an annual report designer. Not only can they help your stress levels during this important time, but there are plenty of other fantastic reasons why outsourcing this job can be hugely beneficial to you and your brand.

  • Get a professional result

One of the major positives of hiring an expert is a guaranteed professional result. Because annual report designers specialise in graphics, artwork and good flow within a report, you’re left with a professional result that everyone will be pleased with.

  • Accurate reports

When you seek the assistance of an outside company to create your annual reports, accuracy is a crucial point for your designers. They want to ensure your report is well-structured, nicely designed and of course, accurate. A mistake never looks good, so get a few extra eyes on the project and choose an outside source to help with any errors.

  • Turn your report into something extraordinary

Corporations are now looking for new and inventive ways to share information through an annual report that isn’t boring. Your annual report is an extension of your brand’s story and therefore should reflect that. By utilising the services of a designer, you can create a stunning report that is both interesting to look at and read.

  • Give your company some class

If you want to up your corporate game and show the world that your business is one of the best, show it through your annual report. Choosing a designer to handle your annual report creation can ensure that your design is sleek, classy and professional. Therefore, this will make your company look the same.

No matter how you look at it, enlisting the services of a designer who specialises in annual reports can be a positive step for your company (and your sanity!).

If you’re looking for professional annual report designers, the team at Design Arena are here to help. Contact us today by calling 0403 548 451 or see some our work on our website.


Easy Tips To Create A Professional PowerPoint Presentation


Easy Tips To Create A Professional PowerPoint Presentation

Whether you’re using PowerPoint or a different tool at work, creating presentations may seem like an easy task. However, the last thing you want to do is to stand in front of your peers watching them fall asleep as you talk. If you’ve been left with the responsibility of creating a professional PowerPoint presentation, there are a few simple ways you can ensure you create something that is exciting and makes people want to learn more about what you have to say.


In fact, a poorly designed presentation can even make your audience irritated. Blurry graphics, the wrong sized text and font that is hard to read are all major factors to what could turn out to be a bad presentation. Instead, with a few simple tweaks, you’ll have a presentation that leaves your colleagues wanting more.

  1. Plan your presentation
    It goes without saying that before you even start creating a presentation, you need to plan it sufficiently. You will need to define what message you want to share with your audience and what your presentation goals are. From there, creating headlines for each slide on Post-It notes can help you to layout your presentation in front of you to have a clearer idea of what you will place on each slide. Make sure you have a clear beginning, middle and end and write your script accordingly.

  2. Keep your presentation simple
    When presenting to your audience, you don’t want your slides to be unnecessarily complicated. Your story and your message could get derailed by an over-complicated slideshow, which is only going to act as a distraction to your audience. It’s important to remember to not feel like you have to fill every single area of your slide. The less clutter on a slide, the more it will help support your presentation, rather than distract.

  3. Choose the right fonts
    Unless you’re a PowerPoint designer, stick to a single font face using basic colours and font sizes. You need to ensure your fonts are easy to read and aren’t too cluttered on each slide. As well as choosing the right font, you don’t want to overload a slide with a wall of text. Instead, include just the main points to not overwhelm your audience with too much information.

  4. Limit your bullet points
    Always keep in mind that your PowerPoint presentation is there to support you. The slides should only mean something to the audience if you’re there talking them through it. So many presentations are filled to the brim with bullet point after bullet point. If you really need to help your audience take in more information after the presentation is completed, a hand-out that they can take home with them is much more beneficial than huge lists within your presentation.

  5. Select the right images
    In some cases, images may not be necessary. But, when you do choose images, make sure they’re the right ones. Forget about using old-school clip-art images and instead choose professional stock images. The image used should be there to reinforce your message, not to make things look pretty. Bar charts and graphs are usually helpful but again, limit these if possible. As an example, you likely don’t need a graph to show the 20% increase in sales in the last quarter, but an image showing how it was done might be useful.

  6. Practice, practice, practice
    The saying “practice makes perfect” is absolutely true when it comes to presentations. Practice going over your presentation and speaking it out loud. Go through your slides as you talk to make sure slides are in the correct order, the slides match what you’re saying and that you’re not relying too heavily on the presentation to send your message. If possible, practice your speech with the slides in front of a colleague. They can have an extra set of eyes over everything and may pick up on small typos that you could have missed. It’s a great way to collaborate with a team member and they may help you to give your presentation a new approach that you may not have thought of previously.

  7. Hire an expert
    If you’re in a situation where your presentation could make or break a deal, this is where you may consider hiring an expert. Doing it on your own may not be enough, so investing in a professional PowerPoint presentation design agency may be worth your time. One of the biggest reasons to hire a professional is that they have the experience and expertise to save you a huge amount of time. You can easily avoid all the mistakes that could happen with creating your own PowerPoint presentation and get your presentation ready as quickly as possible. Their experience makes them hugely knowledgeable on how to use PowerPoint in ways that many people don’t even realise exists or is even possible.

Creating a presentation worthy of everyone’s time takes great care and practice. With the right elements, you’ll be able to have a PowerPoint presentation that helps send your message accurately. Even if you’re a great speaker, a poorly made presentation can make or break your speech. For company presentations, keynote conferences, or pitching presentations, choosing a professional to create your presentation truly pays off.

If you’re looking for high-quality presentation designs, contact the experts at Design Arena. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure your PowerPoint presentation is professional, accurate and beautifully designed. Contact today for a free quote.


Bringing back the Power to PowerPoint


Bringing back the Power to PowerPoint

Too often PowerPoint receives bashing and public shaming, at times even being labeled as ‘making us stupid’. Some cry out that PowerPoint should be banned and that the people who it is delivered to are put in a dangerous position of being mentally numbed. But dynamic creative presentations can give PowerPoint the power!

Good tradespeople don’t blame their tools

The issue here is not the tool - the program PowerPoint itself does not make us stupid. It is the people who are using the program poorly. PowerPoint when used correctly, creatively and innovatively goes beyond simple bullet points and can bring your key messages to life, not death.

Where the issue lies

If you want your bathroom tiled, do you hire a Ballerina to tile your bathroom and then complain about the poor tiling job? Or do you get a professional tiler who specialises in tiling? Many companies are using available resources who don’t have the PowerPoint expertise. Some opt for engaging big expensive agencies that don’t have the PowerPoint knowledge or the user experience to design their PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint not PowerPointless

There are some simple unwritten rules for PowerPoint that unfortunately too many people are unaware of. All presenters MUST face their audience: good presenters actually present and never turn their backs, this is commonly known as ‘PowerPointLESS’. It is critical that the presentations are made for the audience and not for yourself. People read the text that they see on the slides that you present. Less is more: make sure they are listening to your key points and not reading ahead ignoring the presenter. Visuals need to support your script, not match it.

How Design Arena can Help?

Trust that a presentation designed and created by Design Arena is never ‘PowerPointLESS’. We are that special breed of creatives who live and breathe in the corporate world. We bring beautiful design to your brand, have an incredible eye for detail and understand your deadlines. We have a client list that includes Lexus, Subaru, Jack Daniels, NSW Mining, NSW Health, KFC and Ogilvy.

“There’s a very rare breed in this industry and that’s a highly talented designer who’s work is of the highest calibre, always considers nothing too much of a problem, and is an absolute delight to work with. Angelica is one such designer.
A true professional, she’s quick, efficient and has a keen eye for every small detail. We particularly loved how she could work in Powerpoint and leave us with highly-designed, editable presentations that we can use again and again. (Who knew Powerpoint could look so, un-powerpoint?!) We’d love to work with her again.”

Executive Business Director

Ogilvy Sydney

If you are looking for dynamic creative presentations with beautiful pizazz and you want to stand out from the rest, contact Design Arena.

(We don’t need to blame our tools). 

Angelica Butler
Creative Director



Annual Report Season? 3 things to remember.

How can it be that time of year already? Seems like you only just finished last years Annual Report? Here are 3 quick tips to help make this process a little easier on the brain and budget.

1. Desktop Publishers are not Graphic Designers

Many people make the mistake of engaging a desktop publisher for their Annual Reports. This is a common but potentially critical error. What may seem like an easy and affordable option could very well end up costing you valuable hours and dollars. Graphic designers, like desktop publishers, possess the skill that requires spacial awareness and rearrange content so it is easy to follow and read. However, the difference is that graphic designers have a whole other skill set to add to this. Not only can an experienced graphic designer typeset, they can also create, innovate and design. They can bring art and originality to your annual report and lift it to the next level.

2. Get a system in place for Author’s Changes

Working to a tight budget is challenging and sometimes impossible at the best of times. When you source a quality quote, make sure that it includes author’s changes. The brilliance of having an experienced graphic designer work on your annual report is that there is no need to add the costing of an art director to your quote. This keeps the price down and that tight budget more achievable. Annual Reports can get tedious when markups and author’s changes are being processed, back and forth, all while your account is sky rocketing. You need to have a system in place before you start.

3. Attention to detail is critical

Annual Reports require precise attention to detail as the information communicated must be 100% accurate: no room for error. You need to ensure that the team you select to pull you data together can do so in a clean, concise and correct manner. It is imperative that their attention to detail is on point. At the end of the day, if the information is inaccurate, or the process requires countless corrections, then the idea of a tiresome annual report will definitely live up to it’s often very tedious reputation. 

Make your Annual Report stand out, inject some life into it with a creative flair. Increase the chance of people actually reading it whilst maintaining the level of importance it demands. Let Design Arena turn this mundane task into one that your company can be proud of.

Desk top publishers are people who know how to use and operate the design programs used for Annual Reports, but are not graphic designers. We are! Design Arena has systems in place that assist you to maintain budget. We have an incredible eye for detail with a passion for accuracy.

Let us get the job done for you so that design will be the difference in your next Annual Report.